Compact Sub Station (CSS)

Electrical substation, one of the integral parts of the electrical distribution system, has undergone many changes in terms of technology, components and forms.

Today, we need substations which are compact as well as power efficient. To meet this need, Voltamp Transformers Limited offers compact substations which are also known as Pre-fabricated substations, Package Substations (PSS) or Unitized substations (USS).

This sub-station is manufactured from galvanized or epoxy based powder coated sheet cut to size for various applications. It can be used in any environment and also provide solutions for the medium voltage-low voltage (MV / LV) distribution centre needs of electricity distribution administrations.

  • Buildings

  • Housing Colonies

  • Shopping Malls

  • Industry

  • Constructions Sites

  • Mobile Sub-Stations

  • Wind Energy

  • Utilities

  • Gas Station

  • Rooftop or Basement Installation

  • In accordance with IEC 62271-202

  • IP 23D or IP34 for Transformer Compartment

  • Internal Arc Tested for Class IAC-AB at 21kA/1 sec

  • Factory built and ready for network connection

  • Superior Aesthetics

  • Ease of Transportation

  • Ready for installation & commissioning

  • Suitable for adverse atmospheric conditions

  • Wide range of factory designed options

  • Minimal moving parts and maintenance

  • All compartments are provided with illumination